Occupational Hearing Risks – Something to be Wary of

Different industrial workplaces have different aspects, and some are found to have dangerous levels of noise. What type of noise and how loud it is defines whether the employees and other people there are safe or not. According to Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) compliance, every industrial workplace has to ensure a safe environment, and must provide hearing protection for the staff and workers.

Industrial Hearing Screenings – Support for Your Employees

Apart from individual hearing test, we also assess what kind of noise exposure they are exposed to and if some assistance is needed to help them protect their hearing health. This is one step that industrial premise owners must take to not only provide full health specific support for their employees, but also to ensure that the environment is not causing any unidentified damage. Our industrial hearing screening is affordable, and ensures employees are protected.

On-Site Industrial Hearing Screening

Our industrial hearing screening service is provided on-site. A professional, trained and qualified expert will come to your premise, equipped with all of the necessary tools, equipment and devices for a thorough test. This hearing screening is provided on an annual or on bi-annual basis, but you can also opt for a custom hearing screening schedule specific to your needs.