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My father tried hearing aids a number of years ago but got frustrated with the required follow up. How does follow up work with your services?
I currently have hearing aids but can no longer get to my audiologist. Can you service my current hearing aids?
Are there any disadvantages to you coming to my home as opposed to me going to an office?
Will my insurance cover my hearing aids?
What manufacturers do you work with?
What COVID precautions do you take?
Is there a trial period for hearing aids?
Can I get a same-day appointment?
Do you offer financing options?
"Highly recommended! This is such a great service for my 87 year old mom. Dr. Durazzo is professional, knowledgeable, and personable -- with a very reasonable fee. This audiology service is a godsend for caregivers and those who have difficulty getting around."

Joelle Jordan

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