Augmented Xperience (AX) by Signia

The Augmented Xperience, or AX for short, is the first sound processor designed to work with two sound processors, one for speech and the other for everything else. It’s based on the same premise as 3D movies, where essential images display immediately in front of you while the surrounding fades away. The output of one processor is enhanced to make it stand out from the output of the other. Closer sounds are crisper and more precise, while background noises will fade away. Most wearers report an easier listening experience and a considerable improvement in speech comprehension, particularly in noisy environments. According to user reviews and hearing healthcare specialists, AX hearing aids deliver much better performance than earlier X-platform models. This augmented hearing allows you to enjoy excellent speech quality and a fantastic immersive soundscape in almost any setting.

Divide and Conquer

Hearing aids have traditionally processed all sounds using the same criteria, resulting in signals competing with one another. Using Augmented Focus technology, the AX hearing aid platform can differentiate speech from background noise. Two specialized processors can properly optimize two distinct sounds without jeopardizing the other. The Signia AX platform’s groundbreaking hearing aids support the entire Augmented Xperience, allowing users to enjoy excellent speech clarity and be astounded by an immersive soundscape in any hearing situation.

A plethora of features

The Signia AX platform’s first hearing aid combines an aesthetically stunning design with proven rechargeability capacity, the latest Bluetooth capabilities, new EarWear 3.0, and Signia Assistant, an on-demand AI support hearing companion available via the Signia App on your smartphone.

Some Signia AX hearing aids have sophisticated features like Bluetooth connectivity, Android and iOS (Apple) compatibility, and advanced tinnitus therapy settings to help calm ringing ears.

Own Voice Processing

Own Voice Processing (OVP) technology is included in Signia AX hearing aids, which enhances the natural sound of your voice and has been shown to improve communication and keep you engaged.

Rechargeable technology

Some hearing aids in the Signia AX line come with a sleek, small portable battery charger for easy transport and a quick charge. It can last up to 36 hours on a single charge, including 5 hours of streaming.

Signia TeleCare

With Signia TeleCare. An audiologist can provide hearing care by voice, chat, or video chat. You can book hearing care visits with Anywhere Audiology via Signia TeleCare, and we can adjust your hearing aid settings remotely from the convenience and security of your home.

About Signia

Signia has its roots in the well-established electronics company known as Siemens. After finding that electricity could be used to enhance voice transmissions, Werner von Siemens founded a company in his name in 1878. In 1959, Siemens introduced the world’s first behind-the-ear hearing aid and the first electronic hearing aid with two directional microphones.

Siemens has since changed its name to Signia, yet nevertheless upholds the same engineering excellence. Despite its new name, the company continues to provide state-of-the-art hearing aids to individuals with hearing loss across the globe.