Introducing Oticon Intent Hearing Aids

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About Oticon Intent Hearing Aids

Oticon Intent introduces the pioneering integration of user-intent sensors, setting a new benchmark in the hearing aid industry. Equipped with the advanced Sirius platform and revolutionary 4D Sensor technology, Oticon Intent is designed to adapt seamlessly to the user's listening intentions in real-time. This cutting-edge device offers a personalized hearing experience, enabling users to fully engage in their environments with unprecedented clarity and comfort.

Features of Oticon Intent Hearing Aids

  • Sirius Platform: Augments processing capacity for clear, distinct sound recognition.
  • 4D User-Intent Sensors: Seamlessly adapt hearing aid support based on the user's listening needs.
  • Deep Neural Network 2.0: Enhances sound quality with better noise suppression.
  • MoreSound Intelligence 3.0: Adapts to specific listening situations for improved speech comprehension.
  • Wind & Handling Stabilizer: Efficiently filters wind and handling noises for comfort.
  • Spatial Sound: Aids in understanding speech in noisy environments by emphasizing speech over noise.
  • Tinnitus SoundSupport: Offers relief for those with tinnitus through soothing sounds.
  • Speech Rescue: Enhances speech understanding by emphasizing key speech cues.
  • MoreSound Amplifier 3.0 and Optimizer: Enables dynamic sound control for clarity across all listening environments.
  • Bluetooth LE Audio Connectivity: For efficient streaming from various devices.

Small Rechargeable miniRITE Style

Oticon Intent is available in a small rechargeable miniRITE style, offering convenience without compromising on performance or style. The model also supports new self-calibrating miniFit Detect speaker units for precise gain daily and enables a fuller sound scene recognition with its expansive frequency bandwidth.

The introduction of Oticon Intent defines a new era of personalization and clarity in hearing aids. By understanding the user's intent and adapting to various listening environments, Oticon Intent offers unmatched support in engaging with the world.

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