At-Home Hearing Aid Consultations in NY & NJ

After you request an appointment online, you will receive a call within 24 hours to schedule a time for the initial visit. Then, our expert Audiologist will visit you in your own home to conduct a hearing test and, if needed, a hearing aid consultation to show you how it feels and sounds to wear hearing aids.

About Dr. Emma Durazzo

Dr. Emma Durazzo has built a highly reputable and notable name in the healthcare industry as an experienced and professional Audiologist. She did her Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication from Saint Joseph’s College, Brooklyn Campus. After obtaining this degree, she further moved to do Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) degree, from the Long Island Audiology Consortium: Adelphi University. After obtaining the qualification in the field, she went on to do her Audiology Residency at Weill Cornell Medicine. Learn more about Dr. Durazzo here.