About Phonak Paradise

Phonak sent shockwaves across the hearing aid industry with the Marvel, the world’s first hearing aid capable of streaming stereo music straight to and from any Bluetooth device without the requirement of an intermediary streamer.

Now it is back with the Phonak Paradise. It is one of the latest hearing aid ranges from the company, which builds on the success of the Phonak Marvel hearing aid.

A Completely New Operating System

The Phonak Paradise is driven by AutoSense OS 4.0, an artificial intelligence-based automated system (AI). Hearing aids with AutoSense OS recognize and respond to the user’s environment. AutoSense OS precisely captures and analyzes the acoustic surroundings, blending features from various real-time programs for a seamless listening experience.

Clearer Audio

Hearing is complicated. It starts with the inner ear’s cochlea, which perceives sound initially, and finishes with the brain, which converts it into a sound we can understand.

The Phonak Paradise hearing aids are designed to give the inner it what it needs to deliver crisp, natural sound, so you may enjoy the world’s sounds the way they were meant to be heard.

Don't just listen to words; understand them as well

It can be challenging to understand someone speaking softly in a noisy environment. The Speech Enhancer function improves soft-level speech, allowing you to enjoy conversations with friends, coworkers, and loved ones.

Motion Sensors

An embedded motion sensor detects when the wearer is walking and automatically guides the hearing aid microphones for improved speech understanding.

Noise Cancellation

Using the myPhonak app, Dynamic Noise Suppression allows you to set the level of noise cancellation you want in real-time.

Features that make life easier

Hands-free calls and voice assistant activation are possible thanks to the built-in microphone. You can answer phone calls, listen to music, and activate voice assistants by tapping your ear. Phonak Paradise’s motion sensor makes it simple to do all this and more.

Connectivity on the cutting edge

Connect to your smartphone, television, and other Bluetooth® devices — The Phonak Paradise directly connects to your iOS®, AndroidTM, or other Bluetooth®-enabled devices, letting you stream high-quality audio to your hearing aids. You may even connect to two Bluetooth devices and switch between them effortlessly for further convenience.

The Phonak Paradise is a receiver-in-canal hearing aid that comes in four sizes: P30, P50, P70, and P90. Rechargeable and non-rechargeable options are also available.

About Phonak

Phonak has been manufacturing hearing aids for almost 70 years and is well-known in the hearing technology community.

Phonak has been pushing the boundaries of what hearing aids can achieve since its establishment in Switzerland in the late 1940s. The Swiss firm is known for its high-quality hearing aids and sound-processing algorithms that provide a natural listening experience.

Phonak has contributed to developing some of the most cutting-edge hearing aids in the past decade.