Unitron Discover Next Platform

The Unitron Moxi Discover Next platform enables users to understand the conversations that are taking place in front of them. Its robust sound helps facilitate hearing in noisy surroundings, making even the softest voices accessible.

It features SoundCore, which consists of four intelligent elements that work together to recognize a patient’s listening environment and make fluid modifications that allow them to fully participate in every conversation, regardless of the amount of background noise.


When streaming media is identified, MediaNav automatically segments the sound as either music or voice and adjusts the sound accordingly to provide the optimal sound experience.

Sound Conductor

This technology aids in providing a clear voice, reduced noise, and balanced overall sound quality. It emphasizes subtle speech cues, making it easier to understand even quiet speakers.


SpeechPro addresses the essential need for users to improve their listening skills in loud situations. It learns where the voice comes from using binaural signals and helps users understand words and sentiments in complex listening settings.


Bluetooth connectivity allows you to listen to your favorite content and conduct hands-free phone calls, video chats, or simultaneous media streaming to both ears.

About Unitron Moxi Hearing Aids

Moxi Blu

The Moxi Blue is one of the latest offerings from Unitron. To match your individual lifestyle needs, you can choose six pre-set programs to enhance speech, eliminate noise, or focus the microphones on the people and the sounds you want. Using the Remote Plus app, you can temporarily increase clarity and comfort inside the automated program.

Made-For-All phones Bluetooth technology enables effortless connectivity, allowing your Moxi Blu hearing aids to work with your favorite devices without a hitch. With a double-tap to the side of the ear, you may access virtual assistants, accept and end calls, and pause and play media while connecting to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

Moxi R Jump

Unitron’s Moxi Jump R hearing aids include cutting-edge technology. Thanks to binaural streaming from most Bluetooth devices, Moxi Jump R enables you to connect to your favorite devices and experience hands-free phone calls, video calls, and media streaming to both ears. The lithium-ion battery will keep your hearing aids running for an entire day, eliminating the need to change batteries.

Moxi Fit

The Moxi Fit is a small RIC hearing aid with a size 312 battery and a push-button for volume and program adjustments. It is built on the all-new Tempus platform. Tempus expands on the success of Unitron’s previous North platform by being more precise and faster at recognizing and locating the primary source of the voice, resulting in the most realistic and lifelike sound to date.

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About Unitron

Unitron is a global corporation that believes hearing care should be founded on open and honest communication. They collaborate closely with hearing service providers to better the lives of those suffering from hearing loss worldwide.

Unitron, a member of the Sonova Community, has a proven track record of producing hearing breakthroughs that improve speech understanding. Unitron is based in Canada and sells its entire line of hearing aids to individuals in more than 70 countries.