Why and When You Need a Hearing Test?

If you notice that you are having difficulty hearing properly and often need others to repeat themselves, it is probably a good time to have your hearing checked. It could also be that you are listening to loud music more often through headphones, or your workplace has high volume equipment/machinery. Or perhaps it is that you are getting older, and this is the time where hearing loss typically starts to appear.

All these are great reasons to get your hearing tested and find out where your hearing capability stands. With Hear at Home, this can now easily and conveniently be done in the comfort of your own home. Even if you don’t perceive any problem with your hearing, monitoring your hearing will help you be up-to-date with your hearing health.

Diagnosing What Sort of Steps You Need to Take

It is well known that with age, hearing loss is more likely to happen. Apart from that, things like your work environment, your lifestyle and other factors could also affect your hearing. How much your hearing is being impacted, what treatment or management is appropriate, and who to seek advice from – are all questions that a hearing test can help you with to find answers to.
Hearing tests will tell you how well your ears work, and if there is any need to seek medical advice, pursue hearing aids, or begin to utilize custom earplugs.

Your Ideal Audiology Assistance

With us, you will feel at ease and comfortable taking your hearing test. Our trained professional will arrive at your home, following all the safety protocols, equipped with the latest tools and equipment. Our hearing test is designed to pinpoint your hearing challenges, and is a completely painless and easy test process that takes only a few minutes.

The test assesses your hearing capability across a variety of frequencies, using the best-in-industry equipment, along with noise cancelling headphones in order to obtain accurate results. Testing includes pure tone air and bone conduction testing, and a full speech recognition test to understand your hearing needs.