The impact on hearing our lifestyle can have

Over time, we may not consider the harm loud noises can have on our ear health. This may include being around loud music or in a noisy environment, or going hunting without considering how the intensity of gunfire may damage your hearing. For some individuals, swimming without protecting the ears can pose a risk for infection.

Earplugs – Custom Devices to Keep Our Ears Safe​

As mentioned above, there are certain experiences and hobbies that can be a threat to your hearing health. You don’t need to avoid these activities or places, you just need to ensure your ears are protected. This is where custom earplugs come in – they can reduce dangerous sounds to a safer listening range, and protect your hearing from possible damage. Additionally, when swimming, custom ear plugs provide a secure fit to ensure no water can get into the ears.

Custom Earplugs – Tailored and Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle and Use​

After the hearing test or consultation at your home – we will discuss when or where your ears are at risk, and can suggest the appropriate earplugs for you.

Our custom earplug service and support is based on your specific needs. Our recommendations may include swimmer’s earplugs to keep water away or musician’s or hunter’s earplugs to ensure you are listening at a safe volume. The process is very simple – we will take impressions of your ears, and have them manufactured for your specific needs.