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One of the benefits of our service is the dedication to follow up. We understand that in order to hear the best you can, routine maintenance and adjustments may be necessary. We create a unique follow up plan with each patient based on their individual needs and can even adjust your hearing aids remotely with certain technologies!

Yes! We currently work with Oticon, Signia and Phonak, but are familiar with all of the manufacturers, and can certainly assist you with your current hearing aids.

No, actually there are actually plenty of advantages! If the test determines that you do have a hearing loss and hearing aids are recommended, a demonstration of the latest hearing aid technology in your home will give you a realistic representation of how you would benefit from hearing aids. Our patients have also found that being in the comfort of their own home makes the experience more convenient and relaxing. Additionally, by eliminating the restraints of a traditional office, we actually decrease costs which allows savings to be passed along to you!

Some plans do offer hearing aid coverage, however we do not currently participate with any insurance providers. We are happy to provide you with a billing statement that you can submit for reimbursement.

We currently work with Signia, Oticon and Phonak. Based on your hearing loss, lifestyle and listening demands we will make a recommendation on the brand and style of hearing aid.

PCR testing is considered the “gold standard” in COVID detection. We are tested multiple times each month to help ensure everyone is safe! Additionally, we wear masks upon entering your home and strongly recommend that you do the same. All equipment used is properly disinfected prior to us coming to your home as well, and we always wash our hands before and after each appointment!

Yes, we offer a 30-day trial. If you are not happy for any reason with the hearing aids, you are entitled to a 90% refund (only pay a restocking fee).

It’s totally possible! Call us now to see if we have any availability today!

No we currently do not offer financing, though we do accept any major credit card, checks/money orders, or cash.