The ultimate guide to home hearing care amid COVID-19 pandemic

January 17, 2023

Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world has changed a lot. The situation has forced us to self-isolate, maintain social distancing, and prohibit travel to ensure safety. For those having hearing loss, maintaining hearing health and access to hearing aids and adjustments and at-home consultation becomes highly imperative.

Despite these challenges, we at Ąnywhere Audiology are offering comprehensive at-home mobile testing via portable audiometry, alongside hearing aid consultation and complete home hearing care in New Jersey to fulfill your individual needs. Moreover, this guide will cover useful ways to ensure optimal hearing and performance during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Stay Informed with Mobile Hearing Care Options

Facing hearing problems is very common regardless of age. If you experience anything wrong with your ears, it is advisable to consult an audiologist to diagnose, treat, and manage hearing problems more effectively. Even in these difficult times, you can reach out to our specialists and review treatment options based on your hearing loss and special needs.

Keep Your Hearing Aids in Good Shape

While hearing aids are pretty convenient to use and carry, you need to look after them in the best possible manner. Below are a few tips to prevent hearing aids from malfunction.

  • Handle your hearing aid with utmost care
  • Keep it in a dry and safe place, away from kids and pets
  • Clean its batteries periodically and remove visible earwax using a cloth
  • Schedule routine check-ups with your hearing aid professional for repair and adjustments
  • Remove your hearing aid while taking shower and swimming

Look for Personalized Treatment

It is important to prioritize your hearing concerns by staying in touch with a hearing health care professional. They can give you an all-inclusive hearing solution to keep assistive listening devices, ongoing maintenance and repairs, and treatment procedures in place. You can also get at-home hearing solutions that are tailored to maximize your auditory abilities.

When to see an Audiologist?

There is plenty of hearing issues you should watch out for and knowing when to seek help is very crucial. A specialist will talk through everything you’re facing with external and internal hearing structures and test your hearing to prevent losses. Here’s when you should see a hearing health care expert:

  • When your ears are constantly ringing or the voice is loud enough that interrupts your normal life
  • When you often ask people to repeat themselves, which in turn causes difficulty in participating in any conversation
  • When you find the excess of wax or debris in your ear canal or exterior shell of the ear
  • When you’re facing balance disorders due to hearing-related problems
  • If you’re experiencing any of these issues or others, seeing our audiologist is an excellent idea to discuss your ability to hear and get the best possible care while staying in the comfort of your home.

How Anywhere Audiology Can Help?

To ensure our client’s health and safety, we offer tailor-made, comprehensive at-home hearing care and testing with procedures like bone conduction, speech cognition, pure tone air, and noise cancellation techniques to determine auditory function at first. In these tough times, we have our clients back and provide them with at-home mobile testing, hearing aid consultation, adjustments and repairs, custom earplugs, and personalized treatment.

Feel free to schedule a no-cost phone or video consultation with our experts to clarify your doubts regarding hearing solutions.