How much do hearing aids cost? Why are they so expensive?

January 17, 2023

So let me try to answer this in just two sentences – hearing aids vary incredibly in cost: from as little as $1500 for a pair, all the way up to $7,000 depending on level of technology and provider! These costs typically cover the hearing aids themselves, a warranty and follow up care. The high cost is a result of manufacturers needing to fund continued research, “mark-up” by the provider and geographic area.

There’s your answer – in just two sentences! But there’s so much more to the story. Each hearing aid manufacturer offers models that fit various budgets, and like a car, the difference between the more affordable entry-level options and the more expensive premium options is typically in features and performance.

Hearing aids at any level are going to amplify specific for your hearing loss. When in quiet, most technologies should sound similar. The more expensive hearing devices today have faster processing and more sophisticated noise suppression technology. Additional features which may or may not affect the price of devices are rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth connectivity. Also, most manufacturers offer accessories – such as TV connectors or remote microphones, which in some cases come at an additional cost.

At Anywhere Audiology, we strive to not only provide our patients with the most convenient hearing care experience possible, but to also provide extremely affordable prices! We do this by cutting out the entire overhead cost of having a traditional office and passing those savings onto our patients. We love providing as many people as possible with the power of hearing and we know just how much it can improve so many other aspects of their lives too!