5 Reasons to work with Anywhere Audiology

January 17, 2023

Reason #1 - We come to you!

Anywhere Audiology specializes in mobile, in-home hearing care. That means, we do hearing testing and hearing aids fittings in the comfort of your home! Using our portable equipment, we can provide these hearing care services wherever you are - not just in a standalone clinic. This can be very convenient for those that struggle with mobility or transportation. It also helps avoid the traffic and fuel costs associated with traveling to medical appointments!

Reason #2 - Our CoFounder is a Doctor of Audiology

When looking for a hearing aid provider, there are two different types of professionals you can choose — hearing aid dispensers (also known as hearing instrument specialists) or Audiologists.Emma Durazzo (formerly Emma McCue) is a Doctor of Audiology, which means she had 4 years of post-baccalaureate education and supervision in Audiology, hearing health and hearing aid fittings. Hearing aid dispensers, on the other hand, do not need an advanced degree or years of training. For the state of New Jersey, a person can become eligible for licensure after 6 months of training OR taking a county college course. Choose a higher level of care by choosing an Audiologist for your hearing care.

Reason #3 - We have great reviews across the internet

Looking at online reviews is an important part of researching any healthcare provider. Anywhere Audiology is proud to have received so many positive reviews from our patients.Here are a few examples:

"My Mom hasn’t been able to travel for a couple of years. Emma first came to see my Mom back then, gave my Mom a hearing test and fitted her with new hearing aids. Emma was so sweet, she even bought cupcakes for my Mom’s birthday! My Mom’s hearing had recently declined (she’s 99 now!) so I gave Emma a call. Just today, Emma replaced my Mom’s hearing aids tubing, and my Mom’s hearing improved greatly. Emma is pleasant and professional. I highly recommend her."  - Read the review here.
Pleasant and so kind. My housebound parents needed a lot of help and to have a visit in the convenience of their home amazing. Very thankful that my Mom & Dad will have their new hearing aids in time for the holidays! Emma and Mike worked to get them covered in Network. Def. Give them a call for help. Highly recommend!- Read the review here.

Read more reviews from our patients on our Google review profile here.

Reason #4 -  We cover most of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut

Anywhere Audiology started as an in-home hearing care provider for New Jersey, but we have expanded our coverage area to include New York & Connecticut.These are just some of the areas we cover:

Don't see your area listed here? Give us a call at 201-731-8828 and we'll let you know if we cover your area.

Reason #5 - We offer hearing aids from most major brands

At Anywhere Audiology, we find the best hearing solution for our patients. While some hearing aid centers only offer one type of hearing aid, we choose from most of the major brands and models. This includes the latest technology from Phonak, Signia, Unitron and more.Some of the newest hearing aids available are:

Phonak Lumity

The newest hearing aids from Phonak have re-invented how hearing aids work with speech in difficult listening situations, like background noise.

Signia AX

The latest hearing devices from Signia (formerly Siemens) are advanced in both style and sound processing.

Unitron Stride

The new Unitron Stride models are packed with award-winning sleek design, increased comfort, and improved performance.---Finding a new hearing professional is an important step in the journey to better hearing. We hope to become your trusted, local Audiologist in New Jersey, New York or Connecticut!If you have any questions about our Audiologists, hearing aids or services, please give us a call at 201-731-8828.